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Hire us for your emergency plumbing repair in Clearwater, FL

Dealing with a broken pipe can be a big headache, especially if it's in an important water main. Don't let water or sewage fill your home. Get professional plumbing repair services from Apex Plumbing in Clearwater, FL. We'll dig up or uncover buried plumbing lines and stop leaks at the source.

Reach out to us today to set up professional plumbing repair or drain cleaning services.

Keep your plumbing running smoothly

Keep your plumbing running smoothly

There is never a convenient time for plumbing issues. You can rely on our team for...

Drain cleaning and snaking services. We have a variety of different sized snaking cables used to clear drains.
Camera inspections. We offer leak detection services to find issues deep inside your pipes.
Pipe repairs. We can patch or replace busted water and sewer lines for better reliability.

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